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Brazil Patchwork Show 2014

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The Brazil Patchwork Show is the biggest event in Brazil dedicated to the traditional art of patchwork, bringing in new machines and kits of domestic and imported fabrics, accessories to home decor, handbags, dolls and accessories.


  • From the 02 05 April 2014


  • Convention Center Frei Mug
  • A: Rua Frei Mug, 569 - Consolation - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
  • Near the Metro ConsolationView map


  • Wednesday to Friday: 13 to 20 hours.
  • Saturday: 11 to 17 hours


  • Entire £ 14, 00 / Half £ 7,00
  • IMPORTANT: Tickets for larger 60 years will only be sold at the fair box office.



  • Under 12 years will not have access to the fair, even if accompanied by their guardians

A must see



You want to expose craftsman and his work?

If you work with crafts and want to show their art at the event, including the official site of the fair and register by filling in your personal details.Hereto access.





Home Page:https://www.facebook.com/ameibonecas?fref=ts
Product Line: dolls, designs, accessories and wool.

Annie's Dolls and Crafts 
E-mail:annies.dolls.crafts @ hotmail.com
Product Line: Dolls, Doll Accessories, Doll Kits, Patch, Button, and Related Projects.

Art Wire
Product Line: Products for patchwork - wire hangers, recyclable bags and original Tilda fabrics and accessories.

Art of Lu
Product Line: Rag dolls, mdf pieces, soap, aromatize, napkins and patch.

Atelier Ana Cosentino
Home Page:www.anacosentino.com.br
Product Line: Patchwork.

Atelier Ana Leal
Product Line: Products Patchwork.

Atelier Return Kika
Product Line: fabrics, designs (bags and stuffed fabric), carton, necessaire, ready in cardboard boxes.

Studio Katia Martinelli
Product Line: Parts of patchwork designs and related materials.

Workshop Las Muñequitas
Home Page:www.lasmunequitas.com.br
Product Line: Dolls and work in patchwork.

Carla Atelier Campelo
E-mail:carla.campelo @ hotmail.com
Product Line: Wooden dolls, kits, handouts, Barbie accessories and products of Art on Tin.

Atelier Comeia Arts
Product Line: Silk Carpets.

Atelier Maria
Product Line: Miniature biscuit, gossip, patchwork, dolls and Tildas.

Atelier of the Arts
Home Page:www.atelierdasartes.com.br
Product Line: carton boxes and kits and stamp.

Atelier Eliane Castelan
Home Page:www.elianecastelan.com.br
Product Line: Fabrics, Crafts, supplies and accessories for patchwork, books and handouts.

Atelier Magah
Home Page:www.ateliermagah.com.br
Product Line: Patchwork, rulers and accessories.

Bello Quilt
Home Page:www.belloquilt.com.br
Product Line: Patchwork, purses, trims, handles and modeling.

Benjamin Machines
Home Page:www.benjamimmaquinas.com.br
Product Line: machinery and accessories of brands: Singer, Brother, Janome, Elna, Bruce and Happy.

Product Line: Riddles, embroidery, layette bedding, bath and table linen, embroidered with crochet, patchwork with embroidery, all hand made.

Bethlehem House
Home Page:www.casabelem.com.br
Product Line: fabrics, accessories made of fabric pieces.

House of Granny
Home Page:www.flickr.com / photos / casadevovo
Product Line: quilts, tablecloths, necessaries, keychains, basket and crochet handmade buttons.

Patchwork House
Home Page:www.casadopatchwork.com.br
Product Line: Woven fabrics, works of patchwork, accessories and projects.

Tea with Cloth
Home Page:www.chacompano.com.br
Product Line: Materials & Accessories Patchwork.

Cleide Workshop
Home Page:www.cleideatelie.com.br
Product Line: Parts patchwork: towels, bags, necessaries, teapot, mobile phone holder, bib, placemat, accessories and alfineteiros patch.

Cris Mazzer - Fabrics for Patchwork
Home Page:www.crismazzer.com.br
Product Line: Fabrics for general crafts, designs and readymade garments.

DeD Workshop Crafts
Home Page:www.oficinadeartesanato.com.br
Product Line: Projects under implementation; rag dolls and patchwork fabrics and kits.

Denize Leal
Product Line: Projects - kits of felt and cardboard articles, kits and finished pieces of cloth dolls.

Sweet Art
Product Line: dolls, designs, patchwork, wooden stand for doll and biscuit.

Owner Mongoose
Product Line: hangers, kits and scrapbooking for application of felt and metal clasps.

Dona Fuxikô
Home Page:www.donafuxiko.com.br
Product Line: Handbags, Wallets, necessaries, doors, kits, lixinhos (all fabric).

Dune Atelier
Home Page:www.dunaatelier.com.br
Product Line: Articles for quilt, patchwork, craft and scrapbook.

E - Craft
Home Page:www.e-craft.com.br
Product Line: interlining, double face Tec Label, magazines, textbooks and projects.

Elna / Protex of Brazil
Home Page:www.protexdobrasil.com.br
Product Line: of household sewing machines, automatic embroidery sewing machines and accessories.

School of Embroidery
Home Page:www.escoladebordados.com
Product Line: Kits and products ready for embroidery.

Estela Komatsu - My Version
E-mail:estela.komatsu @ gmail.com
Product Line: Origami and patchwork by hand and machine.

Studio of Lolo
Home Page:www.estudiodalolo.com.br
Product Line: Embroidery, parts and buttons.

Eve and Eve
Home Page:www.evaeeva.com.br
Product Line: National fabrics, imported, matelanne, 100% cotton with unique design.

Facyl - House of Panos
Home Page:www.facylcasadospanos.com.br
Product Line: domestic and imported fabrics, designs of handbags, dolls, panels, risks / appliques, finished pieces (bags, boards, dolls, pieces with appliques), adhesives, buttons, pins and accessories, kits, cardboard, felt kits and magazines specializing in domestic and imported patchwork.

Spell Cloth
Home Page:www.feiticosdepano.com.br
Product Line: Rag Dolls, Projects and Accessories.

Home Page:www.frynn.com.br
Product Line: Kits and designs for patchwork, painting, application and line of dolls bed, bath and table racks in iron and handmade jewelry.

Fuxicos and Fricotes
Home Page:www.fuxicosefricotes.com.br
Product Line: Felt, fabric, buttons, explanatory handouts, kits, etc..

Gláucia Suzuki
E-mail:glapi.suzuki @ gmail.com
Product Line: Patchwork.

Green Cotton
Home Page:www.greencotton.com.br
Product Line: imported coordinated kits, panels, cuts, domestic and imported books, exclusive fabrics stickers 100% cotton fabrics.

Home Page:www.grimondi.com.br
Product Line: Sewing machines, embroidery machines, machines for quilting and patchwork, parts and accessories from Bernina brand.

Happy Quilter
Home Page:www.happyquilter.com.br
Product Line: Books, magazines, and designs for quilt and patchwork rulers.

Angelique Annie Dolls
Home Page:www.jullieanniedolls.com.br
Product Line: Doll country, readymade garments, materials for making dolls and projects.

Kimbless Bags 
E-mail:luiza.arita @ sercomtel.com.br
Product Line: Bags and handmade bags.

Le Arts
Home Page:www.leartsartesanatos.com.br
Product Line: carton and patchwork.

Le Petit Atelier
Home Page:www.lepetitatelier.com.br
Product Line: embroidery kits, accessories and trims.

Patch Lucca & Co.
Product Line: Parts ready, book and book accessories for making items like pens, fabrics and buttons.

Mother Owl
Product Line: Rag dolls and decorations to kitchen.

Maria phillo
Home Page:www.mariaphillo.nafoto.net
Product Line: dolls, patchwork and accessories.

Mix 3 Arts
Home Page:www.mix3arts.com.br
Product Line: Fabrics, cutting machines, accessories Patchwork.

Patch Tyzari
Home Page:www.patchtyzari.com.br
Product Line: Products made in patchwork line.

Home Page:www.pegorari.com.br
Product Line: for Patchwork Quilts, crafts and clothing.

Poa Cloths Workshop
Product Line: Cloths, trims, lamps, dolls and the like.

Point Country Atelier of Ideas 
Home Page:www.facebook.com / pontocountry
Product Line: Signs foan (Styrofoam) creased, kits, fabrics, wood boards, light boxes, accessories built to patchwork.

Renata Blanco
Home Page:www.renatablanco.com.br
Product Line: Woven fabrics, designs, kits, pompom tapes, made with fabrics products.

Home Page:www.sedacolor.wix.com / sedacolor
Product Line: Paints and accessories for printing on fabrics, rulers, stamps, booklets, DVDs, pens for fabric, adhesive film, squizz paints, backstage and readymade garments.

Home Page:www.servmak.com.br
Product Line: Electronic Brother embroidery and sewing and quilt patch machine.

Product Line: seams equipment, accessories, needles and sewing máquinass, iron and ironing spray oil.

Studio Lucinha Müller
Home Page:www.flickr.com / photos / studiolucinhamuller
Product Line: Dolls and country patchwork, finished parts, kits, designs and accessories.

Pura plot
Home Page:www.tramapura.com.br
Product Line: Fabrics for patchwork, quilting materials, ceramic buttons, handmade gift items, bed and bath developed in patchwork.

Patchwork Valni
Home Page:www.valnipatchwork.com.br
Range of products: clothing, bags, placemats, aprons, flooring, carpets, tablecloths, tea towels and necessaires.

Home Page:www.walkits.com.br
Product Line: craft kits ready for assembly.


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